How to custom SuiteCRM

These are few ways I modify the code, if needed, in SuiteCRM:

  • SuiteCRM User Guide: this guide is well written and maps the way to learn about the system as a user and as a developer.

  • I have studied the 215 database tables in SuiteCRM and recreated a map to understand how they are related to each other, the fields, properties and data types.
  • I am constantly mastering small skills. For instance, when I started the first challenge was making installations and upgrading by downloading the zip file from the SuiteCRM page. I did it over and over until I got it right.
  • I learnt about folders and files structures, permissions, backup, cron jobs, modules
  • I play with the code and try to understand how PHP and Angular is used.


Above all I am a user for my own business which creates the need to learn new functionalities in SuiteCRM.


If you need me for a consultation or to install, configure and manage your SuiteCRM , contact me via


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