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What is a hosting?

Imagine a business that rents an office in a Shopping Center. This place will have electricity, water, keys, Internet connection and requires maintenance.

A hosting is the digital version of a local in a Shopping Center.

Can Domiserver help me with the configuration of my hosting?

With a single payment of $12.95 Domiserver creates and configures all the DNS for your Linux Hosting:

This includes corporate emails, licenses, A records, TXT records, MX records, sub domains, NS nameservers, and any other custom settings for your business.

What happens if I forget and let my Hosting expire?

You only have to pay the price of the renewal of your hosting.

Then to reactivate your hosting if it is within 30 days of expiration it costs an additional $5.

And if you wait more than 30 days, the space will be completely deleted. This cleaning is irreversible and automatic.

Do you offer cPanel training?

Yes, contact us to book a personalized consultation where you will learn all the details you need to manage your business’s cPanel professionally.

How to transfer hosting from another provider to Domiserver?

1.- Select a hosting plan for your business with Domiserver.

2.- If you need help with the transfer of the files and database, just contact us.

3.- Make sure that the domain is propagating correctly.

4.- Create corporate emails.

What happens if a virus appears in my hosting space?

Depending on the severity of the virus we will determine if we should suspend the account.

You can fix the problem, ask your Web Developer for help, or ask Domiserver to root out the problem.

We solve most of these maintenance services from a price of $20.

Our jobs give you extra peace of mind as they come with a 30-day guarantee.

If you don't know where to start ...

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Never worry about technical difficulties again! Let us handle everything from your domain and server to your website and corporate emails. Focus on growing your business while we ensure smooth sailing in the digital world.