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Organize sales and customers of your business in a CRM


In simple terms what is a CRM?

A CRM allows you to keep track of each person or company that has some kind of relationship with your business. This will allow you to analyze and optimize communication in a consistent and efficient way.

How can I optimize conversations with my customers?

Engage with your customers using multiple channels at every stage of the lifecycle.

These annotations will allow you to converse in the right context and keep your entire team informed in real time.

Does SuiteCRM adapt to mobile phones or tablets?

Yes, SuiteCRM adapts to mobile phones and tablets, allowing your employees and partners to access customer data, suppliers and other relevant information, from anywhere.

Is SuiteCRM free?

SuiteCRM, like WordPress, is an open source system and therefore can be downloaded royalty free licenses.

Developers accesses the source code to adapt and develop it at your convenience. We have chosen SuiteCRM because it allows us to offer a digital service that you need for your business at a price lower than others with payment systems.



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