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Linux Administrator

Quick response and proactive management


What does a Linux Administrator do?

Maintenance / Assistance

* EasyApache PHP 8.0 – 8.1
* MySQL Configuration
* Management and Configuration
* Softaculous &  cPanel  
* WordPress Installation

Virus and spyware removal

When a virus attacks your site, we take care of:
* Detect and verify your location
* Remove the files and
* Monitor system behavior

Data backup and recovery plan

* File and database backups
* Set up backup on your website
* A copy in your property
* Independent cloud backups.


* Custom nameservers
* DNS zone file and record management
* Basic network troubleshooting
* Basic network configuration
* IP configuration
* Spam filtering (SpamAssassin)

cPanel Services

* cPanel settings
* cPanel installation
* Migration from cPanel to cPanel
* PHP modules in EasyApache
* cPanel backup settings
* Database restore

Security Settings

* ModSecurity
* Rkhunter (Scan)
* SSH Lockdown
* SSL Installation
* Firewall (CSF+LFD, APF, PFsense)
* ClamAV (Linux)(Scan)
* Maldet (Scan)

IT services and technology consulting

Whether your technology project is small or medium scale, Domiserver Consulting can make a difference in costs during the development, planning and execution of your system.

We take full care of your hosting so you can focus on your business

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Our mission

As Linux Services Administrators, we can simplify and reduce the operational costs of your company so that you can dedicate yourself to your business.




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